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X-Power Light Weight Clear Lexan Body for MR03/MRX/AWD/BZ/GLA

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Description :
Light Weight Clear Lexan Body for MR03/MRX/AWD/BZ/GLA

1. It is made of high quality Lexan material. The thickness of Lexan used has taken into consideration the durability and weight balance of the whole car. The chance of Traction Roll will be significantly reduced.

2. It has a transparent film mounted inside the body. You can easily draft your wish pattern thereon and paint/spray colour accordingly. No need to use masking tape for such purpose any more. This technology is firstly used on such a small sized Lexan body.

3. The body comes unpainted.

4.Configurable for 98mm wheelbase
LEXAN P1.jpg
MarcoLo 發表於 2017-2-3 14:51:58 | 顯示全部樓層
WoW ! Awesome !
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