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"Palm" sized touring becomes closer to closer

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First of all, Merry Christmas.  The release date of our "Palm" sized touring becomes closer to closer. Interestingly, we are expecting a question from you on our brushless motor technology - Sensored or sensorless, but we haven't been asked⋯⋯ so far. We would tell here the customised designed ESC is going to support both sensored and sensorless brushless motors.  The size of this sensored ESC and sensored motor are the smallest in the world as far as we aware.  Thus, all those functions raise like drag break, boost and turbo will be available.
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1BM 發表於 2014-12-25 22:46:50 | 顯示全部樓層
幾時出?how much?
batcat 發表於 2014-12-26 03:00:57 | 顯示全部樓層
勁, mini 418,我都想知幾時出
dustin_ff03 發表於 2014-12-26 05:14:45 來自手機 | 顯示全部樓層
 樓主| X-POWER 發表於 2014-12-26 08:45:58 | 顯示全部樓層
1BM 發表於 2014-12-25 22:46
幾時出?how much?

IBM,新車一月份出,請留意我們Facebook或www.x-powerrc.com  Thankyou!
 樓主| X-POWER 發表於 2014-12-26 08:46:45 | 顯示全部樓層
batcat 發表於 2014-12-26 03:00
勁, mini 418,我都想知幾時出

batcat,新車一月份出,請留意我們Facebook或www.x-powerrc.com  Thankyou!
wingscreamer 發表於 2014-12-26 23:06:17 | 顯示全部樓層
dustin_ff03 發表於 2014-12-30 23:58:26 來自手機 | 顯示全部樓層
 樓主| X-POWER 發表於 2014-12-31 22:16:45 | 顯示全部樓層
dustin_ff03 發表於 2014-12-30 23:58

X-Power IDT 2015-01-01 開始預售,請到極速模型,鴻聲模型訂購.
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