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Highly modified Hotshot

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本帖最後由 tiger1 於 2017-3-30 23:35 編輯

Hotshot with very little hotshot left:

Hot-trick clone chassis,
bigwig front arms,
Phoenix slipper+oneway mid shaft,
Paranoia rear ball differential,
Tamiya 03 CVD,
TRF shocks, AE wing, Suzuki clone body (RC-Lohas), titanium turnbuckles at front,
M05 rear 2 degrees toe-in hubs,
custom clear gearbox for checking gear mesh,
RC10 battery cups, RC10 worlds car steering bell cranks  
 樓主| tiger1 發表於 2012-7-8 20:40:19 | 顯示全部樓層
Full body shots
 樓主| tiger1 發表於 2012-7-8 20:43:15 | 顯示全部樓層
Bigwig front arms close up and the rear wing mounts.
Aluminium TA01 front hubs were used
n (4).JPG
 樓主| tiger1 發表於 2012-7-8 20:48:06 | 顯示全部樓層
本帖最後由 tiger1 於 2012-7-8 20:48 編輯

The bevel gear mod with the custom shaft, Paranoia rear ball diff
diff 4.JPG
 樓主| tiger1 發表於 2012-7-8 20:52:09 | 顯示全部樓層
本帖最後由 tiger1 於 2012-7-8 20:52 編輯

This the rear end close up, a custom camber adjustment was made on the rear bulkhead. aluminium suspension upper camber links were used. Note the red aluminium suspension arms!!
 樓主| tiger1 發表於 2012-7-8 20:57:57 | 顯示全部樓層
本帖最後由 tiger1 於 2012-7-8 20:58 編輯

This Paranoia diff was meant for FOX, hand modification was made to adopt to this hotshot!!
diff 1.JPG
diff 2.JPG
 樓主| tiger1 發表於 2012-7-8 21:01:57 | 顯示全部樓層
本帖最後由 tiger1 於 2012-7-8 21:02 編輯

These legs belong to my boss who had kindly allowed me to move in my '2   9s'
wongkba 發表於 2012-7-8 21:09:32 | 顯示全部樓層
Woo - so many custom-made parts!  You are a star!
felita 發表於 2012-7-8 23:22:59 | 顯示全部樓層
chiuchiu 發表於 2012-7-8 23:28:44 | 顯示全部樓層
minimini 發表於 2012-7-8 23:42:22 | 顯示全部樓層
wow........ custom-made rear shock tower........
 樓主| tiger1 發表於 2012-7-8 23:52:31 | 顯示全部樓層
本帖最後由 tiger1 於 2012-7-8 23:52 編輯

Weight is never a problem of this car
samchung90 發表於 2012-7-9 04:36:23 | 顯示全部樓層
大開眼界... 我宜家先知咩叫改車.... 勁... 又係個句, 又想放, 又唔捨得放...
 樓主| tiger1 發表於 2012-7-9 09:14:19 | 顯示全部樓層
呢部車車如果冇 minimini 師兄幫手搵啪屎亦不會成事。多謝
fyin 發表於 2012-7-9 11:43:44 | 顯示全部樓層
very good stuffs.
 樓主| tiger1 發表於 2012-7-9 11:48:00 | 顯示全部樓層
中軸不是差速。結構上 hotshot 不能 without major surgery 加中差速。圖中的乃單向加限滑。
minimini 發表於 2012-7-9 12:48:11 | 顯示全部樓層
tiger1 發表於 2012-7-9 09:14
呢部車車如果冇 minimini 師兄幫手搵啪屎亦不會成事。多謝

making crazy projects.......from brain-storming to get ideas.......thru' problem solving......till final outcome which is workable.......is really great........   
 樓主| tiger1 發表於 2012-7-9 13:28:57 | 顯示全部樓層
agree minimini and I had so much fun
rodmanwing 發表於 2012-7-9 15:56:40 | 顯示全部樓層
so cool ahhh
lcpvcce 發表於 2012-7-15 18:07:18 | 顯示全部樓層
That car looks HOT!!! Very sexy indeed ....................................
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