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Mugen Seiki Racing is proud to introduce the NEW MTX7 1/10thNitro Touring Car.  
The MTX7 kit has many high-end improvements to suspension, steering and adjustability to create the ultimate 1/10thnitro Touring Car.  Some of the new features include a new rear bulkhead, chassis, bulkhead gear shaft, upper front arm, and servo saver.  The MTX7 has improved rear traction, is more stable, and has a more adjustable steering setup.
- Improvement in rear traction and stability come from the new design that mounts the rear lower arms directly on the rear bulkhead, similar to the MRX6.  

-The new LCG rear bulkhead and bulkhead gear shaft (L/R) lower the center of gravity and make the MTX7 more stable at high speeds and when changing direction.

- The new aluminum servo saver gives more precision and direct steering feel.

- The new aluminum front upper arm bracket improves steering response has more adjustability.  Now you can adjust the height of the upper arm bracket as well as the length of the upper           arms.  This feature allows you to tune the MTX7 to a wider range of track conditions.  

- The front drive shafts and pivot balls have been changed to increase steering angle for tight and low grip track conditions.  

- Other new parts and features for the Mugen Seiki MTX7 include the
  chassis, front anti-roll bar, rear differential case, rear shock tower, radio plate, and front upright arms.

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