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X-Power Palm sized touring car

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Can you imagine what a "Palm" sized touring car look like?  It is going to have majority of the unique features of an ordinary 1/10 touring car including:

  1."Belt" transmission system
  2. Four wheels drive
  3. Carbon plates chassis
  4. Four independent damper suspension
  5. Easily adjustable camber,toe in/out and all other fine tuning features
  6. Lipo powered
  7. Use of Lexan shell⋯⋯

The most important thing is we are going to make it compatible to existing Mini-z ASF radio control system with customised designed Electronic Speed Controller, Servo and Receiver. Of course, you can use your own favourable brand radio control system if you wish.  The ultimate objective of us is to let you playing this "Palm" sized touring car as if you were playing your 1/10 one.

Stay close to X-Power, more news will be released soon.
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any photo?
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